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                  CHAPTER  7 - Discharge Your Debts               -     $999 to $1499

                  CHAPTER 13 - Payment Plan On Your Debts -   $1499 to $1999

                 The less complicated cases have the lowest attorneys fees.  The lowest fees are charged for cases in which the client's income is below the Median Income for the state and their assets (things they own) are not of great value.   They can file a Chapter 7 and discharge their debts.

                 The Median Income for State of Wisconsin is based on family size and starts at $43,202 for a single person up to over $100,000 for large families.  If over the median income you may be forced to enter a Chapter 13 payment plan on your debts.

                 The court won't take your assets (things you own) if the value of each asset is less than the allowed exemption for that asset.  For instance a car exemption is $3450.  If your car is worth $7000 and you owe $4000 on it then you can keep it because its value to you is less than $3450.  

                  You should call me about assets and exemptions because there is a wildcard exemption that makes it a little confusing.  Most people who file bankruptcy keep all their assets.

                        DIVORCE cases that are Uncontested and Stipulated   -    $999 to $1499

                If you think you can agree on how to divide your assets (things you own) and you agree on the issues of custody, support and maintenance, I can handle your divorce for a set fee.

                        OTHER MATTERS -  on a case by case basis I will charge a set fee or $150 per hour.

                                FREE CONSULTATION - AT MY OFFICE OR BY PHONE